Firmian tower

vertical nature for the future of work

Conceiving a building that presents innovation and sustainability as work methods of the future is the leading concept that led NOA to the design of the “Firmian” tower.

We live in a society, where work is an integral part of our lives, making it necessary to rethink how the time and space spent at work can be enhanced. Starting from the idea of an office as a closed and secluded space, NOA has chosen to break down these walls and open them up to the natural surroundings, bringing a fresh breeze of innovation into the design of the building. Hence the tower not only has its “roots” or foundation in the green park, but it also extends vertically, providing large green terraces on each floor. These enable everyone to enjoy the opportunity to go out and enjoy being in nature, without having to leave the building.

The new tower building is located in a precise spot, not far from the main roundabout when entering into Bolzano. It acts as a landmark to the beginning of the West part of the city.

Surrounding the office-building is a park with thick vegetation that acts as a shield from the surrounding traffic and with an amphitheatre for events, it not only serves as a social meeting point, but also as a crossroad for pedestrians and cyclists, connecting the roads leading to Appiano, Merano and Bolzano.

The building extends upwards, layer by layer, with extruding volumes and inclined spaces that define and sculpt the tower, resulting in a rejuvenation with a vertical lightness that reduces the visual density and impact of the building.

This tower has a gastronomy on the ground floor and offers restaurants and co-working spaces on the first three floors, which are stationed around a patio and staircase, which illuminate and visually connect the open spaces. In addition, the rational grid of the construction allows for a flexible organization of the spaces through dividing elements that can adapt to the needs of the individual offices.

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Typology: Tower, offices and gastronomy

Location: Bolzano, South Tyrol (Italy)

Phase: Contest


Headquarters & Mixed-use

Kurtatsch Winery

Restaurants & Bars