The expansion and renovation of Hotel Hubertus consists of 4 main actions:

  1. total renovation of the guest area on the ground floor
  2. extension of the "barn-spa"
  3. design of an external natural landscape through meandering pathways
  4. construction of a "Family Lodge" instead of the existing pizzeria

The central point of this project concerns the optimization of internal flows for guests and collaborators to maximize the quality and functionality of the spaces. Special attention is paid to the dialogue between tradition and modernity, in order to create a harmonious and compact body that integrates into the context and interacts with nature.

The entrance is completed by adding a covered Drop-Off, where 4 cars can be stationed. The lobby is extended to the south, so that it is perceived as a natural continuation of the existing facade. The reception is centrally located so that both the shop and the reception area of the spa-area remain visible and optimize the use of staff. The lobby thus represents the pulsating "heart" of the hotel: directly connected to the main spaces and meeting place for all guests.

The new 60-seat restaurant is completed with a “stube" and a bar; equipped with a separate access, which can be reached from the lobby through the shop and thus becomes a transit area for internal and external guests who interact with “on sale products” without disturbing. The bar is also accessible from the lobby.

The Spa-reception area is relocated to the north and serves as the only controlled access to the Wellness area, which has been expanded and reorganized, both for hotel guests and visitors. Through the connection that leads to the existing “barn-spa", there is the new entrance to the saunas area, which flows into a quiet resting area naturally lit by a small internal courtyard. The "barn-spa" is extended with two new suspended elements that incorporate the existing roof and facade, giving life to a small library, rest areas, a spa-suite and a panoramic sauna.

As a special feature of the outdoor area, a swimming pool is created, which follows the principle of “meandering pathways". Accessible directly from the inside, this pool offers panoramic “niches", sheltered from bad weather. With the infinity edge, the niches stage natural waterfalls. The outdoor space is treated as a living landscape and completed by hills and plants, among which guests can relax and exercise.

“The concept of “meandering” is based on its original meaning as a succession of numerous loops and curves: the new bathing area becomes an space to experience; through its reciprocal spatial sequences, it conveys to the visitor a simultaneous sense of intimacy and openness, postulated in a perceptual parade of nature and panorama” - Andrea Dal Negro

In the west area the “Family-Lodge" is born: an area entirely dedicated to families and children. At the base of the new volume is the garage, technical rooms, a swimming pool and playground for children. On the first floor there are 4 suites and a reception, that act as a link to the existing hotel. On the second and third floors there are a total of 8 suites and 2 “Highlight-Suites"; the space in the attic allows great flexibility and interesting spaces for children. The entire volume is covered with large wooden rings, which in addition to a static function for the balconies, define the spaces and views: on the one hand with open areas, public and extrovert; on the other, with more closed spaces, intimate, introverted, forming special frames on the landscape.

In addition, in the space between the new building and the existing one, a family restaurant and a play area have been created: the distance to the existing kitchen is thus reduced to a minimum and children can play under the supervision of their parents during meals.

The existing facades are readjusted with discretion: the wrapping and the balconies are repainted with dark earth tones and vertical wooden elements complete the balconies acting as visual protection.

“The conceptual focus is on a reinterpretation of the local architectural language: archaic patterns of circles and rings and local larch wood merge in a game between light and shadow, in and out, cold and warm, introverted and exposed.”

Andrea Dal Negro


facts & figures

Typology: Hotel

Location: Balderschwang (Germany)

Client: Hubertus Alpin Lodge & Spa

Phase: Competition





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