Kurtatsch Winery

Place by place, wine for wine

For the renovation of Cantina Kurtatsch NOA has proposed to expand the building, which would not only optimise production processes but would also create additional areas for the guests to have a full experience of the winery.

The “place for place, wine for wine” motto aims to underline the peculiarity of this winery, which produces its wines from vines that are between 220m and 900m above sea level. It is this contrast in altitude that makes Cantina Kurtatsch unique and its wines so diverse.

The architectural concept gathers the peculiarities of the different parts of the vineyard and makes them tangible for visitors. The volume of the new winery expands like tectonic plates that slot in and overlap on top of one each other. In the areas where the levels overlap, closed spaces have been created that are accessible to visitors: a lounge bar with a panoramic view over the vineyards welcomes them, offering a selection of the best wines produced by the winery itself.

The extension is built vertically, starting at the fermentation and processing areas until reaching the panoramic lookout points that offer stunning views of the surrounding vineyards. Like a vine, the new building is built at the “roots” with the warehouses and the processing areas, reaching up to the “stem”, namely the spaces used for the bottling process, and ending at the tasting area and shop which are created like “shoots”. The internal production flows and those for visitors are well marked, with some areas that allow guests to observe the production processes, thus immersing them into the wine-making experience. The facade is built in shapes, materials and colours that follow the geographical layers of the different vineyards in the direction they face.

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Typology: Wine cellar

Location: Cortaccia, Alto Adige (Italia)

Phase: Contest


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