an ambassador for Thuringia

In order to promote tourism in the region of Thuringia and to maximize the potential of its most attractive places, we started from a holistic concept, which is not limited to the development of the interior of an object, but in a holistic sense refers to a complete work from urban scale down to smaller objects, from XX-Large to XX-Small.

Developing an interior-only concept limits the enormous potential of each Genius Loci the region offers, rich in nature, culture, history and innovation. For travelers looking for new experiences, there is a need to surprise them with a close analysis and exploration of the soul of the place they are visiting; a soul who tells them a story and makes them enter this place.

We have therefore created a manual and developed a complete storyboard, which takes into account the urban, architectural and interior aspects and can be adapted to the different expectations and wishes of the guests.

Based on the idea of creating a coherent and continuous image, we have opted for a form that allows for modularity and flexibility.

After defining the 4 target groups and the main characteristics for the project, the 7 variable ingredients develop:

1) Building Typology: The typology and the building density are defined;

2) Location: Depending on the context, the project is placed;

3) Functions: The functions and the number of modules are selected;

4) Dimensions: The module size starts at the urban scale and reaches up to object sizes;

5) Composition: The modules are assembled and interlaced, creating different form and space games;

6) Facade usage: The external shell allows various uses to realize their potential;

7) Facade conversions: Mobile elements create new spaces and relationships.

These ingredients can be applied to concepts on a variety of scales, from macro to micro, from urban installations to reduced size elements that maintain their own structure and adapt to different needs.

“The aim is to create a form of "Telescope as Ambassador", a filter between the guest and the region that reflects the most characteristic aspects of the land, highlighting spaces, shapes, sounds, colors.”

Andrea Dal Negro


“We do not want to provide a ready-made recipe, but various identifiable ingredients that, when properly assembled, will yield a unique, uncopiable result each time.”

Andrea Dal Negro


To create a special identity in the interiors, the storyboard continues and defines monochromatic color concepts for each room. Again, the concept is brought to every compositional element down to the smallest detail.

Each room tells a story defined by the analysis and the specific audience, liberating the imagination and creating "living" environments that communicate with each other and with guests. One has the impression of being completely immersed in a concept in which the experience is very intense. The high recognition value is reinforced by the use of warm lights, high-quality textiles and use of the wood.

The storyboard continues to take into account the target group "Sehnsucht" and puts all the ingredients together.

A traveling holiday-home that travels with the guests and can show itself to the world as a floating object, which does not only refer to one place, but to different contexts, and this is what so far has been missing in our eyes for Thuringia: an ambassador of Region.

The holiday-home consists of 5 main and 2 secondary modules, each with its own function and arranged to create a uniquely composed object. The living area consists of a living room and a dining room, the sleeping area has two double bedrooms and a bathroom, while a special box as a cinema and lounge area complement the relaxation area. In the living area, characterized by nuances of yellow and red, there are two terraces that allow direct communication with the outdoor spaces. The sleeping area is screened by protective elements that guarantee privacy and the main colors are quieter, like blue and green.

The different arrangement of the modules creates special spaces, for example in the bedrooms, where the beds are lower than the floor, giving the desired effect of sleeping underwater. This creates a frame that surrounds the outside panorama like a painting. Other elements such as a swing or the emotional shower are seen as an extension of the concept of “Sehnsucht”.

As a second example, we have adapted the handbook for the typology 2 of the cottages on Zeulenroda sea. Since the location and architecture have already been defined, the first 7 ingredients are already mixed. We will take the ingredients for the interiors, which took into account the soul of the place, the genius loci and the target audience.

The living area is perceived through the monochromatic-color choice as two units: The living room is decorated with the color red, armchairs, sofas, carpet and multimedia television create the lounge area and through a typical swing from Jena the guest enjoys the panorama by swaying.

The dining area consists of yellow colors and is divided into two levels: downstairs a dining table, a freestanding fridge and a kitchen unit with sink, stove, oven and storage space, above the loft with two beds. A collection of cooking books on specialties from Thuringia by Gudrun Dietze brings a piece of the soul of the region on the plate. In connection to the sleeping area is a bench with wardrobe hooks and a shoe rack with shoe drying system. A small toilet with sink is decorated with green colors and pictorial description of native plants through wallpaper and pictures.  The bedrooms are blue and contain double beds, bedside tables, a closet and a multimedia TV. By milled into furnishing elements, such as the paws of the Thuringian wildcat, haptic perceptions are generated. The bathroom is complemented with green sink, toilet and shower. All rooms are lit with hanging, reading and floor lamps of warm lights.

Inspired by Carl Zeiss, a telescope for the nightly observation of the stars is installed on the terrace, as well as a dining table with a lounge and barbecue area.

“In order to translate the handbook into an architectural object, we have decided on a holiday-home that not only speaks about Thuringia, but also brings a piece of Thuringia to the whole of Europe.”

Andrea Dal Negro


“A smaller module on the rooftops provides a lounge area, allowing a quiet and intimate connection with the surrounding nature.”

Andrea Dal Negro


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Typology: Handbook for tourism strategy Thuringia

Location: Erfurt (Germany)

Phase: Competition



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