Cavallino Bianco

Time is life, live it now!

NOA was commissioned to redesigned all 88 rooms and suites of the existing “Family & Spa Grand Hotel Cavallino Bianco” in Ortisei (Val Gardena, Italy) meeting highest demands and its luxurious demand. Maximum flexibility characterizes the entire proposal, claiming lots of different room atmospheres for the entire family.

The new design of the hotel inspires the guests to spend their time deliberately. The hotel's new philosophy "Time is life, live it now!" becomes an integral part of the new interior design concept: the rooms can be organized with different living atmospheres, where you can spend time on your own, just with your partner or together as a family.

“My time – Kids time – Couple’s time – Family time”

A high degree of flexibility forms the basis of the overall design. Each room has special features that are designed specifically for children. The entire space can be converted with a few simple manual moves in various spheres. The flexible elements, removable, collapsible, or extensible create various living situations within a space that can respond to various requirements of the guests in the shortest time. Whether time you spend, alone, with your beloved or as a family, the room adapts to its users and creates a particular value of coexistence.

The design responds with clean lines, neutral colours and soft tones combined with locally sourced high-quality materials. Classical elements such as ornaments and cornices respond to the history of the Grand hotel, while creating a harmonious and elegant sense of space. Instead of kitsch and silly decoration, you will discover individually bespoke objects like mouse hooks, reminding that this is place designed for children.

“Time is an essence which cannot be changed; however, we can change the quality of time… and learn to use it to the best advantage.”

Stefan Rier

Founder/ Architect

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Typology: Hotel

Location: Ortisei, Val Gardena (Italy)

Completion: June 2016





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