Apartment Z

A flowing space continuum

NOA rethink an existing city apartment and conceive it completely new from spacial concept to the smallest details of interior design.

The city apartment in the center of Bolzano (IT) got completely renovated. There’s not much left from the existing spaces: All internal walls and windows have been removed, floors have been ripped out – only two static important pillars were left.

The centerpiece of the new spacial concept is formed by an „architectural meuble“ that grows through the apartment like a worm and creates diverse zones. It never touches the ceiling, but keeps a certain distance that conveys a feeling of totally open and flying space.

The furniture consists of dark smoked oak, conceived specifically for this project, and forms a contrast to the remaining space, determined by a bright filling. The pavement of oiled elm has an im pressive format of 380x30cm boards and pervades the entire space. It emphasizes the flowing space continuum. Three backlit panels form the highlights in the ceiling, embracing the art works of local genius Paul Flora.

The terrace was significantly increased during the course of the redesign and builds the continuation of the internal space into the outdoor area. The direct reference to the living room is enhanced towards the terrace by inserting large window panes.

Thus produces a seemingly fluid transition between interior and exterior spaces, the border between them is almost dissolved.

„The apartment has changed hands, because of a change of generation... The existing room layout wasn’t meeting the new owner’s needs, so we opted for a completely free and radical space concept.”

Andreas Profanter

Partner/ Architect

facts & figures

Typology: Private apartment

Location: Bolzano (I)

Completion: January 2016



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