Vaia World

„Multifacing eye-catcher“

With the Vaia stand NOA awakens the curiosity of the visitor and reveals the multi-layered range of Vaia products in a interactive environment.

From outside the VAIA world is a box with a small entrance and no insights from outside. When you come closer to the stand, there are placed different ‘Gucklöcher’ from the VAIA assortment, where you can get a sneak peek of the interior. At this point the visitor is a little curious about what is going to happen at the inside, he wants to know more about the exhibition and the products.

The visitor enters the Box through a small opening, which is closed with light curtains and reaches a space kept in a bright beige. The VAIA products – different wall and ceiling products, pieces of wood and tiles – are hanging from the ceiling and the visitor discovers VAIA with every step through the variety of VAIA products.

A highlight of the stand is also the customized seating possibility, which is integrated in the wall. The ergonomic form allows the visitor to sit back and relax a bit while soaking in the atmosphere and all the information within the stand.

“...our wide range of products covers floors, ceilings, doors and walls, the key ingredients NOA used to deliver a truly unique, flowing space. ”

Hannes Vaia

CEO Vaia

facts & figures

Typology: Fair Stand

Location: Fair Arredo / Bozen (Italy)

Completion: March 2012



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