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A tribute to Karl

Artist, host city personality, life artist, original, jack of all trades: This is Karl Kamaun. noa* (network of architecture) designed the new dining area of the traditional "Vögele" restaurant in the middle of the historic center of Bolzano.

The redesigned "Kamaun Stube" aims to become an inspiring tribute to Karl Kamaun. Two opposing walls, one with a ceiling high self-portrait, the other with an ancient photograph showing the artist at work, evolve within a spacial dialogue that aims to define the new atmosphere.
Even as a child I was always drawing - and finally Albert Stolz’s home felt like my home!
(Karl Kamaun)
The 2 opposite walls show a large-scale self-portrait of the owner and a photograph of the artist at work. Circular bronzed glasses and mirrors work as filters to enhance the visual juxtaposition. The remaining walls, once disappeared under wallpapers, are now re-exposed and painted in soft tones.
The existing wooden floor dating back to the Biedermeier period was reprocessed. New wooden tables and bespoke chair covers create an elegant ambience. Two large spherical lamps plated with gold leaf, designed specifically for this project and made by hand from a local craftsman, hang from the ceiling and through their faceted reflections manage to create a truly diverse and continously changing spacial happening.

Facts & figures

  • Typology: Restaurant Design
  • Rounded glass elements: 270
  • Rounded mirror elements: 150