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My hut is my castle

For the contest of a new guest house in Val Gardena, the traditional architecture from the area is integrated and re-interpreted in a game with exposed volumes.

The small, protruding volumes communicate with the surroundings, framing the views in a celebration of the unique location in the middle of the impressive landscape.
(Lukas Rungger)
The design is characterized by small protruding volumes with a traditional saddle roof. They emerge from the core building, achieving a high degree of flexibility, serving, for example, as terraces for the 17 guest rooms, offering a 360° view in all directions. On the roof of the building, thrones the Finnish sauna, appearing as almost detached and floating in solitaire with its region-typical roof-form and proportion.
The facade - inspired by the local architecture - reflects the impressive Dolomites-mountain range, with partly mirrored surfaces.


  • Phase: preliminary project
  • Typology: Hotel new construction
  • Special: small protruding volumes with traditional saddle roofs