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the product’s catwalk

noa* (network of architecture) redesign the showroom for VAIA; each section of the assortment gets its own area that are all connected with a catwalk. The aim is to create an experience for the visitor, the VAIA world that is totally created with products from the assortment.

...our wide range of products covers floors, ceilings, doors and walls, the key ingredients noa* used to deliver a truly unique, flowing space.
(Hannes Vaia, CEO)
The VAIA assortment reaches from flooring, to outdoor equipment to doors and door handles. The different product groups are presented in interpretations of various living spaces which are connected with a central catwalk.

The different VAIA floorings create zones where objects are hanging from the ceiling, which indicate a living space. A bed hangs above the laminate, some upholstery hangs above the timber planks and a table hangs above the parquet; in this way the different types of floorings can be considered without any disturbing furniture.

Another part is the ‚garden’ where outdoor flooring is presented; flowers and watering cans are hanging from the ceiling, the products are presented in vintage cupboards.
The doors are arranged along the course, which guides the visitor through the labyrinth of doors, interrupted with sculptures made of a variety of door handles where the details should be centred.

The aim of the design for the Vaia World was to kind of recycle the products of their assortment and to present them in a specific context. Important was also that the showroom should be used for a variety of purposes such as events or fashion shows. also the Vaia pavilion from the fair has been recycled and forms a lounge.

Facts & Figures

  • client: Vaia – Natural Innovation Living
  • typology: Shop Design
  • lounge: Vaia stand
  • events: fashion shows from Rebello, concerts, lectures