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Light installation of Jakob Maurer, Product Designer

What is a SPA? What can anyone do there? Guests of a wellness hotel are in search of recreation and relief. A physical equilibrium to recollect after busy work-days. This makes the attendance much more than a simple holiday: it helps to recollect, relax, reinvent.

The ambience and all its attributes have a crucial influence on this process. A hotel located in the middle of the italian dolomites, with an impressive landscape and outstanding panoramic views. Iuxtaposed you find the pool with diving basin, refreshment after a hot bath, a natural lake with a swimming raft. The perfect location to hang out, a place full of power and tranquility.
Based on such surrounding artefacts, the “soul” is being conceived as a space installation inside the atrium of the new hotel wing right near the entrance to the wellness area. It serves as gateway between old and new, in and out, here and there…as well as an invitation to observe, find out, and enlight the atrium.
...come on now, fly!
(Jakob Maurer)
The installation itself consist of 40 glass elements hanging in a bundled shape from the ceiling above. They are filled with water, they intensify the casting light and perform reflections and refractions onto the inner space. Overall the installation resembles through its lightness and ghostly appearance the concept of a dreamcatcher.
Thanks to large window panes forming the building facade, natural sunlight sets the scene for the visual effects of the soul during daytime. The light splits up into a colour spectrum and offers via dispersion rainbow-like aspects and fragments onto wall, floor and ceiling.  At night emerging light bulbs replace the sun by implicating similar visual effects.
The glass elements are fixed couple-wise on thin cords and are kept in position by aluminium poles with different lenghts. This act of balancing is seen as metaphor for the process of searching the inner balance of the soul. Furthermore this way of fixing the ensemble of the glasses enables an effortless movement of all components which extends onto the water inside the bulbs and consequently on the light-reflections.
The particular shape of the glasses is pivotal for the concept of the soul. Originally adapting the shape of a bead (or drop), they include the element water as essential component of any SPA. All parts are mouth-blown and variate in size, shape and weight. Each element is unique.
Even more concise is the effect of mouth-blown objects on the form-finding process. All of them where modelled as negatives on large natural rocks, found in the surrounding dolomites. Those rocks are again metaphors for the southtyrolean soul, which can be read as a nature being strongly attached to its impressive landscapes, its tradition, its beauty, its untouched identity. Similar to the human soul, by being raised above the ground the soul-installation is hovering, floating…it remains intangible.