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The magical forest of Bavaria in the Hotel Ulrichshof

In order to tell stories and fables you don’t need any unnecessary accessories” says Diana Gallmeier, psychologist from Munich. She has collaborated with the collective of noa* for the project Ulrichshof and supported the team with advice for the staging of the fairy tales.

The Ulrichshof is not a common hotel. Not even a common family hotel. The concept meets the parents at their lost holiday dreams: 4 stars luxury hotel with a wellness area that leaves no wishes unfulfilled, sport activities and romantic candle light dinners. When couples become parents their standards get higher. 
Today, parents don’t only search for a relaxed holiday atmosphere but look for a temporary home for their children.
(Diana Gallmeier)
Children need to be welcome, no matter if they are younger or older, shy or wild, educated or not capable of holding a spoon right. The food should be healthy, organic and tasty and there should be a number of appealing offers that support the children’s development. The Ulrichshof is satisfies parents and children in the same way. Already in the morning Yolipsi, the mascot, is a ritual where they dance and sing. During the day, parents can relax while the kids are in the day care. The daily programs are organized according to pedagogic principles that pick up seasonal topics - either with motoric and creative exercises, with some handicrafts or an informative walk through the surrounding forest. The riding stable offers the possibilities of a daily ride or the assistance with the provision of the animals. In case of bad weather there is the playing barn - an indoor possibility, which invites to jump and climb. 

You are totally wrong if you think in the Ulrichshof it is all about learning because the fun part is essential. Children enjoy the relaxed proximity to the parents and experience their own doing in a different atmosphere.

The holiday resort with all the offers is a permanent invite to relax and enjoy but also for active engagement with your children without the troubles of the daily life. Arriving to the Hotel Urlichshof means to immerse into a world of magic. A lot of fairy-tale symbols and comfortable corners invite to discover and story tell. What a holiday should take care off completes the fairy tale world: Escaping the every day life! These emotions lead to a different mental state that allows refilling with energy.  

The new architecture of the Ulrichshof reflects this kind of philosophy: to connect the simple things with special features – the architecture, the people and the nature of the Bavarian forest, family reality and time out. A stay in the Ulrichshof is healthiness, relaxation, stunning, fun and pedagogic at the same time.

 Diana Gallmeier, psychologist