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The beginnings go way back...

The ski school „Seiser Alm“ was founded in 1965 by Karl Schöpf and Ernst Bertoldi. Winter tourism has evolved steadily until today, and so did the school. noa* (network of architecture) pays tribute to the its legendary instructors and transforms the office areas into a tiny „ski-history“ museum.’s the oldest and most traditional ski school here in my place. Our goal was to make his high-valued history visible... turning it into the main theme for the design.
(Stefan Rier)
The ski school “Seiser Alm” is the longest-standing and most traditional one in the area. Since ever red and white were the leading colours of the school, representing it unmistakingly. The interior emphasizes these essential features of identity, leading to a unique association and underlining a variety of combinations embracing its history.
Particular attention has been paid to a photographic wallpaper, specially conceived and produced for the project. The entire history of the ski school is displayed like a photo documentary on the internal walls. Thus the visitors and customers get an insight into the work of the teachers from early days until today… in addition to the numerous offerings provided by the school, resulting in an intense dialogue of juxtaposed story-telling.

Facts & Figures

  • Finished: April 2016
  • Typology: Coorporate Design/Identity, Interior Design
  • Special: Photo-wallpaper with historical documentation