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noa* (network of architecture) designed a piece of exhibition furniture for the South Tyrolian fashion brand ‘Rebello’ and combines the concept of the product ‘comfort by nature’ with functionality and product identity.

Earth, water, air and fire. Everything what surrounds ourselves, including ourselves, is a result of the four elements, which need to be conserved and respected in oder to safe a sustainable future for the further generations.

Concept of the Rebello Tree

Re-bello means vitality. Only ecologic sustainable fibers are used for the fabrication of the products and the most comfortable textiles are used for every piece of clothing. For the material choice, the Rebello Tree follows the same principles.
Two products, one source. Rebello clothing and the Rebello Tree are produced from ecological materials, from materials that occur in nature. For the Rebello Tree a multi-layered recycled cardboard is used; which also allows to keep the price low.

MODULARITY (Transport)
The possibility of the furniture to be folded allows an easy mantling and dismantling; the different moduls of the Rebello Tree can be stacked in order that the tree grows higher. Those features make the transport very easy as well.

BUILDABILITY (do it yourself)
The piece of furniture is foldable and consists of different components, which need to be assembled. The Rebello Tree is lightweight but thanks to the complex folding system it is very stiff and stable.

BRAND IDENTITY (send me your own tree)
Send me your own t-shirt tree – a product by mother nature.


The Rebello Tree consists of two different building parts, which are cut, folded and glued in the factory. The finished module is delivered unfolded in order to keep it easy to handle and is then stacked together again in an easy way.

There are two glued surfaces on the two ends of the box module in order to integrate the floor of the box within the folding system; in this way you only get one foldable element.

The cantilever arm is one single element which is stiffened with the folding: The different foldings result in a triangle which fits into the base element.

The folded cantilever is inserted with a glide plate into the opening of the box and it is stabilized with a twist. On every side of the box there is the possibility of adding an arm but you can keep the lids shut when you don not want to add anything.

The connection of the different bod modules is possible with something like a safety belt, which can again be produced with waste from the t-shirt production.

Facts & Figures

  • Label: Re-bello „comfort by nature“
  • Project type: Konzept und Entwurf
  • Elaboration: November 2012