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A landscape sculpture

For a competition, noa* network of architecture designs a mountain retreat as a sculpture and viewing platform in the dolomites and combines traditional forms with resistant materials.

It is a stunning place where the mountain retreat is going to be built and the view is almost never ending; thus the new building had to be very special. It is some kind of telescope that stands in the landscape and that leads the viewer’s eye without disturbing it. A series of volumes with pitched roofs that turn smaller and smaller grow out of the slope and open towards the landscape.

Entering the building the visitor is not distracted by the building itself but can enjoy the landscape from the first moment. The geometric form also shapes the interior and the pitched roofs that are typical for the alpine area are perceptible in the inside and give the feeling of liberty and generosity. The volumes open up from the mountain to the landscape; the last volume which is the terrace only exists with its outer edges. The zoning of the different parts of the interior is made with soft levelling.
… building in the alpine altitude brings some special challenges; of course there is the incredible beautiful landscape at one side but much tougher circumstances in regard of the weather on the other side.
(Lukas Rungger)
The volumes of the pitched roofs are an interpretation of a traditional mountain cottage and appear modern because of its reduced geometric form. This appearance is highlighted with a metal façade, which works with the alpine climate challenges. The pattern is a projection of fir cone shingles

Facts & Figures

  • type: competition
  • result: 2nd place
  • meters above sea level: 2.096m