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A childhood dream comes true

noa* (network of architecture) puts an old childhood’s dream into reality and packs a modern and complex cluster into a traditional and for the place typical shell.

... when I think back to my childhood, there was nothing better than to jump into the fresh hay.
(Stefan Rier)
The new house in the historic village centre of Seis / Siusi (IT) is the renaissance of the historic ‘Messner Haus’. The architecture of the ‘Messner Haus’ is based on the traditional building typology and is therefore formed of a stone plinth for the lower levels and a wood frame construction for the upper floors. The aim was to pursue with existing building elements: The pitched roof and the balconies were absorbed in the new design. The house is softly implemented in the cluster and the historic appearance of the village.

Architecture: Old and New = House Messner

The typical farmhouses of the area consist of a base in stone and a wooden timber frame structure that forms the stable above were the inspiration for the design of the Messer Haus: The lower part is created of a massive volume with plastering on which a three storey high timber structure is sitting. Window openings are positioned selectively on five parts of the building and claim the dialogue with the surrounding. From the roof terrace you have a stunning view of the mountain scenery and the Schlern.

The „gute Stube“ and the Cube

The interior design is also shaped by the architectural supporting structure; different cubes and terraces are tied in the framework. The architecture wants to respect the genius loci while the interior design interprets space in a contemporary way.

The private rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms and sauna are located in the secluded and plastered cubes that hang in the framework. As a result of the complex fabric of the different spaces interesting sight contacts are produced. Light flows through the whole arrangements of spaces, through the spaces in between the cubes. A constant dialogue in between the inhabitants, and public and private spaces is claimed. 

Architecture and Fashion – The textile

The integration of textile fashion and traditional elements should communicate the attitude of life of different eras. Noa* collaborates in this field with Philipp Pezzei and the renowned cloth factory ‘Moessmer’ and creates a textile collection, which mutates from being a piece of clothing into a hammock, a chair, a lamp, a bag; the transformation of the objects comes to the fore. The inhabitants interacts with the house and also with the surrounding.
The project ‚PIPPO – a house to wear’ engages with the relation in between the the outside world and myself; the house is seen as a filter in between, which is protecting and creates spaces, which claim the communication in between the people and their environment.

Facts & Figures

  • Place: Seis am Schlern-Kastelruth/Siusi allo Sciliar-Castelrotto (IT)
  • Date of commencement: spring 2015
  • Date of completion: winter 2017
  • Sea level: 1.050 m
  • Cubature: 1.100 m3