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From the thread to the ‚Heutuch’

Hermann Kühbacher runs a small weaving mill since 1996 where farmers still bring their own spun threads. Next to the wool, linen has always had a very particular role for the ‘Pustertal’.

...the soul of the space and the crafts of a genius become one.
(Stefan Rier)
Because of the cool night and the humid climate the ‘Pustertal’ was an important producing area for linen. Every farmer used to cultivate the flax plant, in autumn they processed the plants and during the winter they spun them. At the famous market of Stegen the farmers made appointments with the weavers. The linen was used for clothes, bed linen and also they typical ‘Heutücher’.  

The linen from the ‘Heutücher’ from the Hotel Valentinerhof comes from a small valley within the ‘Pustertal’ from threads that are dated back in the years 1924 and 1942