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„Stube“ in transfiguration

noa* (network of architecture) transforms the former fireplace room into a contemporary “Stube” with potential for transfiguration! From a comfortable lounge to a meeting room within minutes.

...everyone knows the feeling beeing „at home“. The new fireplace room justifies this claim and trys to convey this feeling to his users.
(Lukas Rungger)
The former fireplace room was supposed to unify different functions and atmospheres. It should be cozy, invite people to sit back and to relax while at the same time it should be available for meetings and presentations. It should be formal at one point and casual at another. Starting from the tradition of the typical Alpine fireplace room, the “Stube”, and its characteristics, a space was created that can adept without loosing its character.

Floor, walls and ceiling are paneled with matured wood and establish a cozy space to feel at home. The fireplace remains a main element in the lounge; it stands elegantly with its new metal coating at the wall and turns the room into a warm place. Some upholstery of clear loden cloth is distributed casually in the room and forms seating arrangements. Dark, metal lamps hang easily from the ceiling and give the space a warm lighting.
In a second moment you recognize the wooden wall elements as table elements. They are a reinterpretation of the folding table, a typical element in the traditional “Stube” and allow arranging the room with long tables. When the chairs are re-organized and the lamps reassigned, the room is ready for banquets, workshops and meetings.

Facts & Figures

  • Place: Bavarian Wood