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The apartment as second skin

The Skin. Your living space as a second skin. Another layer, that protects you and gives you the possibility to express yourself, to begin a dialogue. The project should motivate the person, who lives there to engage with himself. The white colour forms the scene, which is then filled with the inhabitant and his objects. The space is like a book where the inhabitant can write his own story.

The space turns into a book, where the inhabitant can express his own story.
(Stefan Rier)

Interior Design

The apartment was dismantled und cleared from all the memories and objects that relate to the memories of previous inhabitants in order to create space for the development of the new character. The apartment is like a second skin, which allows the inhabitant to develop at heart. For this reason all the permanent features of the space are kept in white. The objects that create the furnishing of the apartment are all related to certain moments and memories of the inhabitant.

Product Design

Each piece of furniture and also all the decorative elements have their own story, which relates to the owner. Objects were chosen in a dialogue with the thoughts and ideas of the owner and build the starting point for his personal development within the apartment. The objects were refurbished and personalized – every piece is part of the whole, of the space itself as a result of a personal search, part of the story of the inhabitant.

The name of the project derives from the material – the wood comes from a press of the year 1600, which was removed in the early 80ies and then stored outdoors in a farmer’s barn in Kastelruth / Castelrotto (IT). The pieces of wood and timber boards were cleaned and built together again as a table. Wardrobe of memoriesThe object derives from an old apartment – it was cleaned and then covered with gypsum, ropes and pages out of an old sketchbook. The goal was the combination of recycled parts with personal memories; the book was the inhabitant’s sketchbook with quick drawings and personal thoughts.

The chairs were found in a storage for second-hand articles; the cushioning of the seats are featured with an old feather structure which was made visible in the renovation - a transparent layer allows insights into the old craftsmanship. The rest of the chairs have been varnished in white.

The chandelier comes from the Hotel Palace in Meran / Merano (IT) where all the lighting was renewed with the last restoration. It was cleaned and got a new coat of pain; now it is used for reading. 

Lighting Design and Decoration

In general, the objects and textiles derive from travelling or come from people who are related with the owner. There are carpets from Kurdistan next to historic lamps from factory buildings in Berlin. The silverware was a heritage from the grandmother, which she had got as a wedding present years ago, different books enforce die idea of a developing project.

Facts & figures

  • location: Bolzano (I)
  • typology: Sinlge apartment