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Open spaces as a scenario for flexible working models

The concept for Artefact Germany's new office was to create a floor plan free from built-in structures, hence the use of curtains, which provide a flexible component to either open or close certain areas to allow for privacy with customers or have an open shared space.
In order to guarantee maximum flexibility, it quickly became clear that conventional office partitions could not be used for the new offices of Artefact.
The Artefact office is a living-work-space for the employees to, on the one hand, be able to connect with colleagues and clients or work in various group constellations, and on the other hand, be able to have a certain amount of privacy.
For more informal meetings with customers or as a get-together space for the employees, there are two lounge areas at Artefact, one of which can be closed completely with curtains.

The armchairs and sofas at Artefact are covered with fabrics in various shades of gray and blue to match them with the curtains, while the floor lamps, suspension lamps and shelves are in black metal. The concept of living space is complemented by various house plants of different sizes.


  • Typology: Office
  • Location: Hamburg (Germany)
  • Client: Artefact Germany
  • Construction start: May 2019
  • Completion: October 2019
  • Volume: 1.140 m3
  • Surface area: 485 m2