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Noa* The connection

Thanks to nearly one decade of professional experience locally and abroad, noa* has been growing and continues to do so, resulting in an extensively evolving network across the globe with recent hotspots based in New York, Milan, London, Berlin, Geneve, Ferrara, Graz...
... during the last 2 decades we felt like globetrotters, experiencing our most influential periods in London and Milan and exploring truly outstanding projects in hubs like NYC, Berlin and Brussels.
(Lukas Rungger)
At the other hand, exploring the „genius loci“, analysing the soul of a place, space or environment, is the recurrent theme that completes the holistic design philosophy and methodology. The choice of material, the reduction to the essentials in the building, the conscious contact with the landscape where we build are the leading points for noa.
  • Graz, Bruxelles, New York, London, Milan, Ferrara, Innsbruck were Lukas Rungger and Stefan Rier’s last stops.
  • They think they have travelled even more since they are based in Bolzano (IT). ‘An eye here, the other one out there in the world’ - Salto