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Noa* the ambition

Each project is being approached as an intense learning in process, with a thorough analysis of the „lost and found“ becoming essential to all facettes of design quality, paired with the attempt of simultaneously looking back and understanding traditional culture and looking forward at contemporary ways of enhancing modern life. Before designing noa* goes on a search of traces, researches what the specialties are of a specific place or whether something needs to be conserved or accentuated.
Unique people are looking for unique stories to tell. Our mission is to help them finding, celebrating and unfolding such stories.
(Stefan Rier)
To listen, to let the stories grow and to rewrite them in the architecture. To take time for the place where you want to build, to experience the atmosphere, to involve local circumstances and only then to start thinking and designing.
  • To work in the real matter, hunting for the essence instead of "plastic surgery".